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Flat Tyre Protection to keep you moving
whether you are a mom, bus driver or 4x4 user.

In the event of a puncture or blow out the Safety Band is guaranteed to lock the tyre on the wheel rim.

How it works

RunFlat® Safety Bands are lightweight metal bands that fit inside your wheel's rim and locks the tyre in place - converting your wheel into a safety wheel. These are fitted at a tyre dealership and are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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  • If your tyre fails, you can still maintain complete control of your vehicle.
  • You wont have to stop on the side of the road, but continue driving to a safe stopping place.

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The Runflats has proven very satisfactory to all aspects and under very difficult conditions. Therefore we will continue with the fitment of the Bands.

K. Smit
Fidelity Guards

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International Endorsements

Being fitted now by police, ambulance, military, truck fleets, caravan and international vehicle manufacturers. Some insurance companies discount for RUN FLAT® equipped vehicles.

Run Flat Capability

You can drive on with confidence on a totally flat tyre for a limited distance until you find a safe place to change the wheel. It’s a useful feature which you’ll really appreciate in Motorway “contraflow” systems or on a fast, twisty road.