The Runflats has proven very satisfactory to all aspects and under very difficult conditions. Therefore we will continue with the fitment of the Bands.

K. Smit
Fidelity Guards

This organisation is committed to fitting Tyre Safety bands to the front wheels of our trucks, with the strong conviction and believe in the need to ensure optimum safety levels in our tyre management programme.

Unitrans Fuel & Chemical (PTY) LTD

To whom it may concern.

We at Oilkol Tranport are making use of Tyre Bands which we buy from Runflat.

We use that in our steering tyres on all our big rigs as a safety measure to enable the driver to stay in control of the vehicle should a front tyre suddenly burst. It was found that when this happens the relevant rim just sit on the tyre and the driver stay one hundred percent in control and he can bring the truck safely to a standstill, even under load. It did happen with two of our trucks fully loaded on a downhill on the N3 to Durban. Once at Harrismith and once close to Pietermaritzburg.

The tankers carry a payload of 36000lt of oil and if it wasn’t for these  bands, on the steering axles, disaster would have happened as well as a major spill and the possibility of tragic loss of life

I can really recommend anyone to fit this on their trucks as it is not only inexpensive, but it can be used over and over again.

J.F. Sheppard

Oilkol Transport co-ordinator.

Oilkol Tranport

To whom it may concern

Drive Alive insists that tyre bands are fitted to all passenger carrying vehicles. All schools should refuse to hire buses which are not suitably fitted. In view of the latest disaster with the learners from Grayston Preparatory, who were travelling on a school outing on a bus which crashed because of a burst tyre, this is imperative.

If tyre bands had been fitted, even though there was a tyre burst, the driver would have been better able to control the bus. As we speak, the driver is dead and two children and two adults are in a critical condition in hospital.

The fitting of tyre bands is very affordable, compared to the consequences of injury and death.

Chairman, Drive Alive

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